About me

Self-made Belgian artist                                                                                                                           

Artistic pencil drawing and painting   

Born in Mons (Belgium) on 14th August 1969

I'm fascinated by black and white contrasts, shadow and light which sculpt bodies and the skin so well and give so many volumes and depth in everything. I want my drawings to breathe sensuality, softness and abandonment to create a harmonious whole, ideally symbolized by the woman's body. I mainly draw with a black pencil (black lead, charcoal an many others), but I also like to work with colouring pencils, markers as well as red chalk. On my Facebook page "Damien Hunin - Artist" you can see more of my works and my latest work in progress (see "links").

Everything is interesting for me, everything is a new beginning and an opportunity to create and re-create.

So, enjoy discovering my website !